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Podcast – Club Insights #4

“To educate, to convince, to argue, to listen, to respect”

David Schrieberg, originally from California, is well known in the Luxembourg media sector both because of his media monitoring business, VitalBriefing, and his progressive views.

With ESG high on the radar, David is keen for the population to wake up and take action. When asked if we are already too late, he replied, “Only time will tell. In theory populations are ready for this.”

Despite now being Luxembourgish, his interests and passion for politics in the USA run deep and as a progressive, we asked him about the divided nature of the US and if bipartisanship was essential for the country to move forward.

“We have to be realistic, I don’t think we can ignore them [conservatives] (…) the effort has to continue (…) to educate, to convince, to argue, to listen, to respect the opposite views when they are based on science. (…) Too often, it is based on core beliefs that do not conform with reality.”