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Podcast – Club insights #2

A serial innovator taking Luxembourg forward

Steve Krack is an instinctive innovator who has challenged conservative ideas of construction and has been consistently ahead of his time. His projects that have included both residential projects and even converting warehouses into a hotel have not made it easy attracting the capital necessary to convert these concepts to reality.

He highlights other factors that have influenced prices too.

“The expats coming to Luxembourg are not the poorest! There are not enough construction projects for the whole country. Authorisations are also too heavy for new developments. New projects can take four years, everything is getting slower.”

  Steve ’s vision is for radical growth in the mobile housing market, but even this will not solve the issue of high prices alone. He also believes we must better use existing space, such as the thousands of square meters of unused office space. “Will property prices still rise?” we asked. “We have been asking that question to ourselves, my whole career.”

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