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Podcast – Club Insights #3

Is ESG just a funds issue?

Many parts of the funds industry are laser focused on ESG right now by means of reporting, advisory, labelling and communication. Prior to the round table ‘ESG: all you need to know about the new regulation’, taking place on 4 May, we asked Revel Wood, founding partner of One Group Solutions, “is ESG just a funds issue?”

“No! There is no question, this is (more than funds), it is the future of our next generation, but the funds industry has a key role to play as you have got to follow the money. When there is money involved, things change… The key driver for change will not be regulation but it will be the flow of money. Ultimately the investors will drive change, the global pension schemes.”

Revel Wood is well known and liked in the Luxembourg financial sector and is regarded as both a leader and initiator. One Group Solutions provides investment fund management services and can be found to the south of Luxembourg City.