“We haven’t really raised enough of a debate about hybrid working”

Although many companies are opting for Hybrid working not all the experts agree. Employability Coach, Cherry Kent, previously from KPMG and Clifford Chance says there are still questions to be answered.

“We’ve sort of fallen into hybrid working as the new normal. I think this is driven by the demands of employees but what about the business?” She says. Whilst recognising that many employees have enjoyed having more time to work from home, she challenges the automatic mindset that this is good news.

“Is it really better for people to be at home? … In reality there is the lack of interaction, the lack of exchange of ideas of collaboration and we have all heard the mental health fallout.”

She says that the correlation between business success and the happiness of the staff is paramount.

“If the staff is not OK than the business is not OK. Managing engagement, mental health, upskilling, recognition, trust, all of these have come up as really big topics during the pandemic. That has forced HR into a far more strategic decision-making position than they ever really was.”