Podcast – Club Insights #6

“A lot of people want to change the way they work”

Stanislas Dutreil is the Managing Director of Belgium and Luxembourg at Badenoch + Clark, which is part of the Adecco Group. A well-known name in the competitive recruitment sector.

As all companies re-evaluate how they work, Stanislas is sure that “people want to meet people”. He foresees that many companies will have a balanced schedule with 2-3 days working at home and in the office each week.

With so many Luxembourg workers crossing the border daily, which can mean lengthy traffic delays, we wondered if this is the moment to fundamentally change the way that Luxembourg approaches commuting. He commented that taxes will be a key topic in the months to come with reference to cross-border workers. “A lot of people want to change the way they work, whether they are cross-border workers or not.”

Does working from home lead to lower productivity and therefore less profitability for organisations? Different members of the management team can have different views. “If I were your CFO at Maison Moderne, for sure, the target would be to increase the business and have more and more profitability.”

Join us for our 10x6 HR: “New ways of working” on 24 June.