RESUMEN : A new player in the HR Contracting world

 Nicolas Perrichot, Partner at Resumen (Photo: Olivier Toussaint, 2019)

Nicolas Perrichot, Partner at Resumen (Photo: Olivier Toussaint, 2019)

In the context of an ever growing demand for efficient HR services, transforming industries and an employment market that favors more and more a mission-based approach, RESUMEN comes as a dedicated, transparent and uninhibited Interim Management player for the HR industry.

When developing Talantlers, Nicolas PERRICHOT and Romain TISNE wanted to address the lack of all-round and affordable offers in the HR world, by creating from scratch an efficient HR Competency Center on which companies can rely for all specific HR related topics. Since then, building on market feedback and with the objective of maintaining a “one-stop-shop” approach, RESUMEN is born. Nicolas, founder of this new entity, answers a few questions to introduce this service.

What is RESUMEN in a few words?

Nicolas PERRICHOT : RESUMEN is an HR Interim Management offer. It serves only one purpose: bringing its clients a temporary assistance, with consultants presenting a strong operational HR background. When facing absence (maternity, unexpected resignations, etc.) or challenging projects, HR teams are not always able to absorb the activity increase. And when attracting experienced and competent profiles proves almost impossible with temporary contracts (CDD, Interim), Interim Management becomes a relevant option.

How is this a new thing and how does it work?

Nicolas PERRICHOT : We are not inventing anything with tThis business model. It exists in many forms, industries and countries. However, the offer dedicated to the Human Resources activity in Luxembourg is very secretive. It ranges from independent consultants to Big IV companies, with a few recruiting firms trying to outsource HR profiles when opportunity arises. In this latter case we mainly witness a payrolling service, the employment coming to an end between the consultant and the firm as soon as the mission stops. with no real employment strategy.

This means an unreadable market for the clients, a questionable contracting process in some cases, and a poorly structured offer with prices varying from 350 to 1800€ per day for equivalent profiles. And these profiles are not always targeted either, when confusion is often made on what a “Consultant” is. When a high level,senior transformation expert coming from an Advisory firm is sent on a mission to address daily HR operations, the mismatch between the need and the service is sometimes  obvious.

The idea behind RESUMEN is to provide a clear and transparent HR Contracting offer, from the profile categories to the prices. We want to respond to an operational demand with a targeted, affordable and flexible solution.

What will be the link between TALANTLERS and RESUMEN?

Romain TISNE : First of all, I am happy to see that once again, we have been able to find relevant solution to our clients needs. As both offers are complementary with no overlap, our wish is that the two brands start co-existing as sister companies, in the same office, with the same philosophy. However, the business model being so different in its delivery, a clear separation is absolutely necessary to avoid conflicts of interest, and to allow the creation of a dedicated workforce. We are extra-confident in the fact that Nicolas will create strong value and a top-consultants team to make this new player succeed within and outside Talantlers eco-system while offering a clear corporate purpose.

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