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3 questions à Alexandros Trepeklis (Yollty)

“To be able to fall down and stand up again”

Alexandros Trepeklis: “Nobody wants to make mistakes, but the alternative is worse.” (Photo: DR)

Alexandros Trepeklis: “Nobody wants to make mistakes, but the alternative is worse.” (Photo: DR)

En amont de l’événement Start-up Stories: Round 1 organisé par le Paperjam + Delano Club le mercredi 24 février, le représentant de la société Yollty, Alexandros Trepeklis, partage sa vision d’entrepreneur.

From the idea to its realisation, there is only one step … and yet. What triggered your entrepreneurial adventure?

Alexandros Trepeklis. – “Yes, one big scary step. For me personally, having my startup, was something that I have always dreamed of. When I finally had enough saving and an idea, I truly believed in, I made the jump. I have to admit that my previous employer (EY) was also quite supportive allowing me to get 6 months of unpaid leave to try out. That made the jump a bit less scary as I knew that if it didn’t work out, I still had a job. 

What are the qualities needed to launch your startup?

“I think the launching is the easy part, as you are being fuelled by the excitement of starting something new. The quality that I think is most needed for a startup is perseverance. To be able to fall down and stand up again, because there is definitely some falling down. The second quality that comes to mind is polyvalence, as founders in the early years have to take on so many different and diverse roles.

We often hear that it is essential to make mistakes. What do you think about this?

“Nobody wants to make mistakes, but the alternative is worse. I believe that if a startup is not making mistakes, it is either not innovating or it is not moving fast enough.

I am the father of a young baby boy, and I can’t help it but see the similarities. If you pay attention to any baby, you will see how often they stand up just to make a mistake and fall down again. Although from the outside it looks like they are making so many mistakes, what they really do, is learning how to perfect their walking skills and before you know it, they start running.

It is exactly the same for a startup, making mistakes is inevitable, the question is what you learn from each mistake and how you apply the learning back to the startup. At Yollty, we definitely made mistakes and although I would prefer not to have made them, I know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. We had to pivot twice before we finally found product-market fit.”

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