“The media likes large deals, I like good deals”

The private equity market is an important growth area for Luxembourg. However, it remains invisible to many outside of the financial sector. While investments into the ManCo and corporate services space attracted some attention, this is only a small part of a much bigger story.

Single family offices are increasingly choosing Luxembourg to be their domicile alongside the larger and more established PE names.

Rajaa Mekouar , CEO of Calista Direct Investors, said: “We counted… together, with the LPEA, over 100 single family offices in Luxembourg, that cover a very wide range of nationalities, and a wide range of size in terms of assets under management.”

Luxembourg should not be considered a back-end financial centre, “there is no such thing as front and back nowadays, you have to work as an integrated team and you can’t execute an investment if you don’t have the right structure and the right lawyers looking after it.”

When asked if the industry was too discrete, she replied: “The media likes large deals. I like good deals, good deals being the ones that actually create value for their investors.”