John Parkhouse (CEO, PwC Luxembourg)

«An influencer is someone who has a strong impact»

“PwC is a historic partner of the Paperjam Top 100 since the first edition,” says John Parkhouse. (Photo: PwC)

“PwC is a historic partner of the Paperjam Top 100 since the first edition,” says John Parkhouse. (Photo: PwC)

Ahead of the ceremony of the eighth edition of the Paperjam Top 100, the ranking of Luxembourg’s most influential economic decision makers, John Parkhouse, CEO of PwC Luxembourg, shares his definition of influence.

Why do you associate your brand with this event?

John Parkhouse . – “PwC is a historic partner of the Paperjam Top 100 since the first edition. This biennial flagship event in Luxembourg is a great opportunity, firstly to recognise leaders who have really made a positive impact, as well as to connect with top influencers, entrepreneurs and the business community at large with the ultimate goal to build and promote the country’s economy.

What is your definition of an influential person?

«From my point of view, and in this context, an influencer is someone who has a strong impact and is respected for what they do which, as a result, brings inspiration and/or ideas to others at any level and in any field – national, business, sports, whatever. It can be through leadership, through innovation, through resilience, through a long successful career, or with an extended network or a bold point of view. Most often, it’s a blend of all of that! It is not necessarily a question of the formal position level or the size of the company, but rather a question of personality/character and of impact.

As we close this year which is marked by the Covid-19 sanitary crisis as well as the economic crisis impacting many institutions, Luxembourg is amongst the countries demonstrating the greatest economic resilience. According to you, where does that “force” come from?

«Luxembourg has this unique and incredible capacity to put all of its energies together and work in the same direction with amazing speed and agility compared to other countries. The people, the companies, the government and the communities, even when they have diverging opinions, are great at working together to find ways to move forward in the best interest of the ecosystem. This is hugely valuable from a business and societal perspective and something we should continue to recognise and promote – to nurture.

What is your forecast in 2021 for the Luxembourg economy in general and your industry in particular?

«In terms of detailed forecast, our statistics office, the Statec, is certainly better positioned to give such detailed prognosis. In terms of looking forward, a keyword is however ‘asymmetry’: some sectors are and will be touched a lot, others much less or will even benefit from this situation. As a professional services firm, we are obviously impacted by the challenges faced by our clients, but – as for many sectors – we remain cautiously optimistic as to the future and what we can continue to bring to Luxembourg. As a business, we have, through this crisis, continued to focus on our purpose, our values, and being true to our people and our clients through our core strengths – building trust across our communities and listening to and solving problems that are important to them. For those interested in more details: please flip through our full annual report available on our website!”

La cérémonie du Paperjam Top 100 aura lieu ce mercredi 16 décembre à partir de 19h depuis l’auditorium de PwC. 

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