Transformation: all about innovation and technology?

Pierre-Jean Forrer, Associate Partner, EY Luxembourg (Photo : EY Luxembourg)

Pierre-Jean Forrer, Associate Partner, EY Luxembourg (Photo : EY Luxembourg)

Transformation is all about combining activities and initiatives, impacting business models, organization, processes, information system and regulations. Priorities may differ from organization to organization and may include modernization, digitalization, efficiency, productivity, technology obsolescence, citizen journey or client experience, to name but a few. 

However, such transformation projects require disruption in terms of approach, solutions and consulting profiles. Expectations for the creation of business value are quite high in transformation projects.

Challenges for such transformation may vary from one sector to another. While the private sector is permanently trying to adapt its business models to compete with web channels and the impact of globalization on local markets, forcing large corporates to continuously streamline processes and look for economies of scale, the public sector is focusing its efforts on modernizing or digitalizing its relations with citizens which, in turn, evolves into new public policies.

When Innovation and Technology Consulting go together…

Observation 1: Necessity of agility - delivering progressive and quick wins. We are going through a period in which too many technology transformation projects are unfortunately abandoned. However, strong innovation entails the adoption of agile approaches within businesses and IT organizations which have proven to be very successful. Pursuing training and coaching of teams on agile methods is another point to keep in mind as it should be considered as a must.

Observation 2: Strong push on startups - embedding disrupting models at a very early stage of innovation. Luxembourg is experiencing a huge growth in research projects and startup eco-systems. Most of them consist of new playing fields and non-conventional ideas that can bring forth truly rapid changes.

Observation 3: Emerging technologies - enabling proof of concept and experimentation. Even if artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, robotics or data science appear to be more stable solutions from a technical point of view, with positive returns, it should progressively put debates about processes into perspective, and especially as “no code” solutions will be more convenient to implement.

Observation 4: Open development - accelerating value creation. In addition to software editors, open source communities are leveraging spontaneous initiatives that create additional value and faster time to market.

Observation 5: Data driven solutions and services, and capitalization of assets’ intelligence. The power of data is all about disruption of classical design and process implementation.

Innovation driven Technology consulting

People and businesses are relying more and more on mobile apps and self-service portals. However, in order to be prepared for an ever-evolving digital landscape one must ask the question of what is the next frontier? Virtual reality, augmented reality and digital twins are for sure additional layers for technology solutions. Middle-tier processes can now be served with agile and emerging technologies and disruptive models.

Updating systems implies real time treatments, less redundancy, embedded analytics, connectivity with IOT and Cloud platforms, to name but a few. That’s all about Innovation driven Technology consulting!