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MUNNFTSE Life: a cooperative with a new concept

MUNNFTSE Life is a cooperative which aims to make use of finance to make the world a better, greener place.   (Photo: MUNNFTSE Life)

MUNNFTSE Life is a cooperative which aims to make use of finance to make the world a better, greener place.   (Photo: MUNNFTSE Life)

A new concept and enterprise, MUNNFTSE Life welcomes you to discover the activities of its Work Rest & Play Centre. The objective of this cooperative is to actively help others and to accompany the transition to a greener existence.

MUNNFTSE Life has created a new and exciting concept and enterprise, with a cooperative structure, based on the unique value proposition of "actively helping others with their socio-economic lives and the transition to a better, greener existence”. We would like to invite you to come in or join us, to experience the world’s first Work Rest & Play Centre (WRP) at 12, rue Notre Dame, Luxembourg.

We are cooperative, ecological and transitional consultants, offering a new way of life both at the centre and on our website . You will discover how we maximise space, starting with our gallery on the walls, a small ‘épicerie', a central table which converts to a pool table, foldable and adaptable desks and work spaces, other social games, a fledgling bar and even a space to stay overnight, right in the heart of the international centre of Luxembourg.

We want to develop conferences to help senior and junior start-up businesses using our wide range of management experience across professions ranging from art to finance.  We aim to change the world by nurturing nature with the help of ‘finance for good’ sharing our knowledge and skills in a wholly cooperative way. We expect to create clubs of like-minded people starting with our new ski club, perhaps a pool club and a Nepalese tea tasting evening. We plan to have music and language classes also.

Our web platform is a blog enabling like-minded people to share and learn about ecology and how we can change and even save the world with the help of finance. The site also helps promote good ideas by the exchange of the logos of our partners, thereby increasing their SEO.

We recently signed a contract with TEDxLuxembourgCity.org who has registered their Asbl at the centre. We particularly want to promote other cooperatives creating a directory and exchange of logos. Co-working, co-living, co-gardening, co-everything except COVID! We aim for the site to be a magazine on ecology and finance both online and perhaps through a quarterly paper version distributed for a donation.

You can also become a member, of course, by simply joining our website or purchasing a share for a small fee of €10. In this case, you will share our future profits, just like all cooperatives. Please do contact us if you are interested in sharing and exchanging ideas via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at +352 621 352 357.

This promotional article was written by MUNNFTSE Life, as part of the company’s membership with the Paperjam + Delano Club. If you wish to become a member of the Club, contact us at  [email protected] .