“‘Ma Vie’: I have already read it in four languages”


Artur Sosna, president of the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce (LPCC). (Photo: Chris Karaba for the LPCC)

What book do business people take with them to the beach? The answer with Artur Sosna, president of the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce (LPCC).

Name of the book, author: “Ma Vie” from Marcel Reich-Ranicki.

Why did you choose to take this book on holiday?

Artur Sosna . – “My life motto is: ‘Do not pray for an easy life, pray to be a strong person.’ Once you read the book about the life of Marcel Reich-Ranicki, you will understand why I meant by choosing my life motto. His life was extremely difficult being Jewish in the Warsaw ghetto. On the other side, he was all his life an expert in German literature… he loved finally German culture, starting by books and finishing by classical music (e.g. Richard Wagner).

In how many languages have you read it?

“I have already read it in German, Polish, partly in Spanish and in French. Maybe it is time now to read it in English.

When do you read?

“I read before falling asleep. I find this time of the day the quiet one.

What place does reading have in your life?

“A huge one! No books, no intellectual life, and I like to think, to rethink, analyse, understand. At home, I have around 1,000 books.

Novels or historical books?

“Both, but also ‘practical books’, political books, on geography, etc. Everything that is interesting for me.

In paper version or on an electronic reader?

“Paper please. To touch the book, even only to look at them in my living room is like a ‘yoga’ for me. Contemplative!

A favourite author?

“Hmm, too many to write about all of them.”

Which book reminds you of your childhood?

“I liked when my father read books while I was in the bathtub – adventure books, but I cannot remember the titles.” 

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