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Négociation de bail

 (Photo: CBRE)

(Photo: CBRE)

Red Sky SA is happy to announce the renewal of the lease agreement of its main occupier, a large Canadian Bank, in the landmark building complex Les Terres Rouges in Esch-Belval for 13 additional years.

With the advice of CBRE, a new lease contract for office and archive space as well as for parking spaces has been renegotiated with the main tenant, a Canadian Bank in Les Terres Rouges complex in Esch-Belval belonging to Red Sky SA. This new lease agreement signed by both parties in December 2016 has a fixed duration of 13 years.

A survey made earlier last year to measure the satisfaction of the occupants within the building showed that the staff was highly satisfied with the building and location and could not imagine to move elsewhere.  

Boasting top quality technics, Les Terres Rouges complex is certified Breeam in use: "Excellent/Very Good".

The exceptional and highly visible building complex benefits from a strategic location in the heart of Esch-Belval next to the main business district Square Mile and the train station and is ideally located next to the University, the Technoport and the shopping centres Belval Plaza I and II.

This new district has become a city of its own right combining living, working, leisure, shopping, research and development as well as education of all levels.

The leased office area has a size of 26,595m² and is located in the blocs A, B & C of Les Terres Rouges complex.

With this transaction CBRE once again confirms its position as a major actor in letting advice on the Luxembourg office market.