Arηs Group

13, boulevard du Jazz L-4370 Belvaux
  • Opérateurs de systèmes informatiques secondaires et de réseaux de communication
  • Éditeurs logiciels & SaaS
  • Conseils ICT
  • Gestion de projets ICT

Informations principales

We are a fully independent group of companies specialized in managing and delivering complex IT projects and systems.

Founded in 2003, Arηs has been expanding continually − both geo- graphically and in the scope of the services we provide − from year to year.

Today Arηs is composed of 14 entities across Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Greece, France and Portugal, that
are unifed by the Arηs Group.

- Arηs Developments
- Arηs Cube
- Arηs Spikeseed
- Arηs Consulting
- Arηs Developments Belgium
- Arηs Digital
- Arηs Technology
- Arηs Developments Hellas
- Arηs Developments Italia
- Fleetback
- Fleetback France
- Arηs Portugal
- Finartix

This corporate structure enables us to respond quickly to market changes and customer requests, as well as to communicate and make decisions without layers of bureaucracy.

Core services

Arηs started building its expertise in software development in 2003.

Since then, the Group has expanded its knowledge and competencies
to cover all processes and business layers related to IT systems.

Today, Arηs is a holistic service provider, offering a wide range of complementary services in 7 primary areas:
- Software Development
- Mobile Development
- Data Science
- Machine Learning
- Cloud
- Digital Trust
- Infrastructure

On time. On budget. On scope.
We are recognized as a market leader for on-time/on- budget delivery of challenging software developments.

Pragmatic approach and methodologies
To cope with constantly changing requirements and reduce time-to- market, our solid processes promote innovation and agility.

Through rapid solutions deploy- ment, we build great IT solutions − faster and more efficiently – so you can start benefiting from them in a matter of few weeks.

To achieve our high quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction, we have adopted the best practices from Prince2, RUP and Agile methodologies.


Comité de direction

Jourdan Serderidis
Jourdan Serderidis
Founder & CEO
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Pierre Noël
Pierre Noël
Jean-Philippe Roch
Jean-Philippe Roch
Finance Director
Nathalie Vandervelde
Nathalie Vandervelde
Administration Director
Jean-François Pitz
Jean-François Pitz
Technical Director
Marc Salm
Marc Salm
Bid Director
Athanasios Kotsis
Athanasios Kotsis
Director - Strategy & International Development
Christophe Grosjean
Christophe Grosjean
Managing Director Arηs Spikeseed
Karlien Gladiné
Karlien Gladiné
Sales Director Arηs Developments Belgium ; Managing Director Arηs Developments Italia
Paulo Apolinario
Paulo Apolinario
Managing Director Arηs Cube and Arηs Portugal
Sébastien Braun
Sébastien Braun
Managing Director Arηs Consulting
Steven Germeys
Steven Germeys
Managing Director Arηs Technology
Lara Vanneste
Lara Vanneste
Managing Director Fleetback
Georgios Karatzas
Georgios Karatzas
Managing Director Arηs Developments Hellas
Gunther Roobaert
Gunther Roobaert
Managing Director Arηs Digital
Nikolaos Mavraganis
Nikolaos Mavraganis
Managing Director Finartix

Chiffres clés

Données administratives

Registre du commerce :
LU195 940 51

Données financières et économiques

Capital social :
50.000 €
Année Employés Luxembourg Monde
2021 2.000
2020 1.700
2019 1.400
2018 1.300



  • 13, boulevard du Jazz L-4370 Belvaux


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