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Informations principales

We are IQ-EQ, a leading investor services group that combines global expertise with an unwavering focus on client service delivery. With a team of 3,400+ people operating across 23 jurisdictions, we support fund managers, global companies, family offices and private clients operating worldwide.

We strongly believe in the power of duality and that valuing both IQ and EQ is essential for our people, our clients and our business.

We recognise that our clients need
a service provider with the scale to navigate complex regulations and requirements across multiple diverse jurisdictions. We have the ‘know how’ to keep on top of regulatory compliance and the resources to act fast. We use cutting-edge technology
and robust processes to provide the best service. Our in-house training programme constantly develops our teams’ knowledge and skills. Whatever our clients want to achieve,
we have the know how to deliver it.

We also know that trust and longevity form the basis of successful partnerships with our clients. Clients like having a single contact they know and who also knows them. We have this ‘know you’ talent. We assign a dedicated relationship manager to each client who remains their main point of contact throughout their relationship with us. Our people have the ability to anticipate and understand our clients’ needs. Whatever our clients want to achieve, we have the know you to make it happen.


Corporate administration services
-> Incorporation support
-> Domiciliation and office solutions
-> Corporate secretarial, administrative management and regulatory compliance
-> Directors
-> Trade support services
-> Employee benefits
-> Shareholder registers
-> Proxy voting
-> Liquidation

Global accounting, consolidation & tax
-> Accounting
-> Consolidated accounts establishment as per various international and local standards
-> Tax compliance

Business Center & payroll services
-> Full-service office rental solutions
-> Payroll services
-> Staff resourcing
-> Quality control

Fund administration services
-> Fund implementation
-> Fund domiciliation
-> Operational support to management companies
-> Risk management
-> Fund administration
-> Accounting
-> Reporting
-> Registrar and transfer agent

Depositary, custody & securitization
-> Alternative assets depositary
-> Custody - Investment giro services
-> Securitization
-> Claims administration
-> Bonds

Third party AIFM services
-> Portfolio management
-> Risk management
-> Valuation service
-> AIFM reporting

Family office services
-> Family and corporate governance
-> Information consolidation
-> Risk management
-> Wealth planning
-> Private Equity and Real Estate


Comité de direction

Christiaan Van Houtven
Christiaan Van Houtven
Group Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]
+352 466 111 2748
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Fèmy Mouftaou
Fèmy Mouftaou
Managing Director IQ EQ Fund Management
[email protected]
+352 466 111 2298
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Justin Partington
Justin Partington
Group Head of Funds
[email protected]
+352 466 111 3852
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Pascal Rapallino
Pascal Rapallino
Group Investment Structuring Leader
[email protected]
+352 466 1111 3849

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Registre du commerce :
B 65906
N° TVA :
Année Employés Luxembourg Monde
2020 350 3.000
2019 350 2.450
2018 250 850
2017 250 300



  • 412F, route d'Esch L-1471 Luxembourg
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