• Nationalité Luxembourgeoise

After 8 years in a large Luxembourg bank, I decided to start my own business and share my experience with clients. Through my education in construction and my IT studies, I see connections that allow me to think outside the box and take projects one step further. In many projects, however, the biggest challenge is not of a technical nature, but rather to communicate the advantages of a switch to people in such a way that they are willing to get involved. Unfortunately, one hears far too often "We've always done it that way!" Yeah, right. And it works (more or less well), but we don't live in caves or drive around in carriages anymore, although people used to do it that way! Be open to new things!

Langues parlées

  • Luxembourgeois (Bilingue ou langue maternelle)
  • Allemand (Bilingue ou langue maternelle)
  • Français (Connaissance professionnelle)
  • Anglais (Connaissance professionnelle)


Expériences professionnelles