Workshop - Communication, Marketing & Vente

Thursday 01/28/2021

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Inbound marketing to generate more traffic, leads and customers


François Delvaux

Training on how to use inbound marketing and digital marketing to attract prospects, create value for your customers and have an impact on your commercial activities

Review of the steps of a marketing and sales plan for 2021 - what are the challenges that B2B companies face and how does this relate to inbound marketing?

·         Definition of inbound marketing to attract and convert, conclude and retain customers / prospects.

·         How to use inbound to get more qualified leads to your sales force.

·         Optimize your digital tactics according to the 'buyer's journey'.

·         Analyze the marketing results through different communication channels.

·         Understand the digital tools and processes to be put in place to enable an Inbound Marketing strategy among marketing & sales team

Niveau : All level

Expert :  Francois Delvaux (Minds&More)

Objectives : 

- Understand how to use inbound marketing supporting your marketing and sales plan to achieve more business growth in 2021

- How to optimize your digital marketing and sales tactics according to the customer's or prospect's "buyer's journey”

- How to align your teams with the inbound marketing approach.


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