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60, avenue John F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg
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We are a multi-asset servicing specialist committed to helping our clients achieve their ambitions both in terms of investments and cross-border distribution.
In a changing world, you need a partner that understands the changing market landscape and the intricacies of the securities services industry. Our extensive network of over 90 markets and the rich diversity of our people enable us to provide our institutional clients with the connectivity and local knowledge they need to navigate change in a fastmoving world.

A forward-thinking business, we continuously invest in new technologies, sustainability and innovation.
Our clients benefit from securities servicing solutions closely integrated with the best-inclass capabilities of the BNP Paribas Group. These include treasury financing and advisory, and global markets solutions.
We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group and one of the highestrated asset servicing banks in the industry. With us, clients' assets are safe and their risks are mitigated.
Our values drive BNP Paribas forward and are a cornerstone of our business. We rely on our strengths that include: stability, responsibility, expertise and being a good place to work.

Today, BNP Paribas Securities Services has a local presence in 36 countries across five continents and a global custody network covering over 90 markets. Our flexible around-the-clock processing is accessible from any time zone.


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Comité de direction

Robert van Kerkhoff
Robert van Kerkhoff
Head of BNP Paribas Securities Services Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Nordics
+352 26 96 21 11
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Jérôme Bernodat
Jérôme Bernodat
Head of Market and Financing Services
+352 26 96 28 79
Christian Dominique
Christian Dominique
Head of Client Delivery and Chief Operating Officer
+352 26 96 61 682
Georg Lasch
Georg Lasch
Head of Sales and Relationship Management
+352 26 96 22 90
Lucien Lorang
Lucien Lorang
Head of Business Implementation, Corporate & Client Administration and KYC
+352 26 96 23 08
Pierre Nahmias
Pierre Nahmias
Chief Financial Officer
+352 26 96 61 672
Yasmine Din
Yasmine Din
Head of Client Service Management
+352 26 96 25 60
Jean-Michel Waltzing
Jean-Michel Waltzing
Head of Communications and Engagement
+352 26 96 21 05
Andrea Tedone
Andrea Tedone
Chief Transformation Officer

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Registre du commerce :
Année Employés Luxembourg Monde
2018 1.000 11.735
2017 1.000 10.800



  • 60, avenue John F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg


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