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Making public speaking easy Afraid of speaking in public ? Don’t worry, talking is easy, public speaking as well. Indeed, we all have a priceless gift : language. It is an innate faculty. Accordingly, public speaking should not be difficult, as we are programmed to do so. However, some people find it very difficult to speak in public. For them it’s a real nightmare. And even those who seem to be more comfortable with speaking in public, sometimes complain about not being able to get their message through. It would be a shame to miss out on the information that each other of us have to share with others, isn’t it ? Verbalius is a company dedicated to executive coaching in public speaking, debating and public relations skills. Today, more than ever, it is not enough to be an expert, to have a good product or to be a recognized brand. You have to know how to make your point, how to pitch your idea, how to sell your services and your company. That is why more and more companies take care of their people’s capability to speak in public as part of their communication strategy and campaigns. Your idea deserves to be heard Verbalius provides the right combination of experience, expertise and tools to fit your requirements. Talented experts work together to coach your speakers, to create presentations from scratch or to fine-tune existing presentations including multimedia, such as animated graphics and videos, for your daily staff communication or customer sales pitches. In a nutshell, Verbalius helps people tell their stories, deliver persuasive presentations and communicate their message clearly.


Taining & Coaching A variety of open workshops - corporate trainings and personal coaching sessions conceived to help people learn the art of storytelling - improve their design capabilities and public speaking skills : Discover the speaker in You - Learn the basics in just 4 hours. Public Speaking made easy - 3 main issues divided in 4 modules of 2 hours each Preparing a speech in 9 steps 7 tips to capture any audience The speaker facing the unexpected in 3 lessons Networking made easy - 3 main issues divided in 4 modules of 2 hours each Building your personal branding Networking rules from the best Managing customer relationship We train your teams in effective Sales Pitches & Techniques - we sensitize your staff to best in class Customer Service and we make your people aware of Social & Business Etiquette. Individual tailor-made coaching – let 's work on your own speeches and presentations together All open workshops and trainings can be delivered in English - French - Luxembourgish - German - Portuguese or Spanish. Their structure is modular so that people can adjust their learning with their own working and private time schedule. Best practices - interaction and hands-on exercises make sure attendants leave with immediately applicable tools and a new approach to presentation drafting - which will transform their daily communication and public relations outcomes. Presentation design & drafting Tired of boring bullet point presentations? Get brand new powerful presentations drafted by experts or revamp an existing presentation to impact and engage your audience. Conference Services & Event services Need help with event management? Searching for a keynote speaker for your next conference or want a toastmaster to cheer up your next round table? We help you save time and money while making your event memorable.


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  • 13, rue Aldringen L-1118 Luxembourg


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