• Né le 27/09/1972
  • Nationalité Allemande
  • Marié

Kerstin Becker is an experienced leader with a career of over 20 years in international companies, after completing her university degree (master) in business administration with focus on marketing, strategic management and corporate organization. Being an entrepreneur at heart, she created her company Business Pilotage Consulting Sàrl ( in 2015, offering the outsourcing of marketing management and projects. Her mission is to make first-class know-how affordable for SMEs and other organizations as a shared service. As a business consultant, she applies a holistic approach spanning strategy, marketing, business development, and sales, integrating online and offline channels.

Langues parlées

  • Allemand (Bilingue, ou langue maternelle)
  • Anglais (Connaissance complète)
  • Français (Connaissance complète)
  • Luxembourgeois (Connaissance professionnelle)
  • Espagnol (Connaissance limitée)
  • Japonais (Connaissance limitée)
  • Néerlandais (Débutant)


Expériences professionnelles


  • Business Pilotage Consulting
  • 39, Waistrooss, L-5440 Remerschen