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Sergio De Carvalho, CEO and Founder of CUBE LiFT Luxembourg. Sergio moved to Luxembourg in the year of 2006, before that he studied Electrical Engineering at Higher Technical Institute of Leiria. Once in Luxembourg, and working for two elevator multinational, Schindler and Otis respectively, he studied "Business & Commerce" at Chambre du Commerce Luxembourg in 2008/2009. Three years later he applied to his Brevet de Maitrise on the Elevators branch at Chambre des Métiers, at this last stage, waiting for his Authorization, he worked for the now non-existent Luxlift. In September of 2014, in a shark market where some quit and others fight with no rules, he decide to open CUBE LiFT, a original Luxembourgish Elevator Company, a company that came to break the routine and make revive the Craftsman spirit.


Expériences professionnelles

  • Cube Lift

    Cube Lift

    • Membre de la direction
    • CEO & Owner
    • septembre 2014 à aujourd'hui