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  • Né le 19/07/1994 à Saint-Vith (Belgique)
  • Nationalité Belge

Tracy Heindrichs is a journalist for Delano. After moving from Luxembourg to Belgium to Japan to Scotland, Tracy completed a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Media Studies and a research master’s in Media Studies at the University of Glasgow. Six years after her initial move to Glasgow, Tracy moved back to Luxembourg, freelancing for the culture section of the Lëtzebuerger Journal while employed by the Ernster Bookstores. After gathering experiences in the book distribution and publishing sector, Tracy joined the Delano team as a junior journalist in October 2021.

Langues parlées

  • Français
  • Allemand
  • Anglais
  • Luxembourgeois
  • Néerlandais
  • Espagnol
  • Japonais


  • Rollerskating
  • Reading
  • Illustrating
  • Travelling
  • Swimming


Expériences professionnelles