Workshop - Développement personnel

mardi 11.02.2020

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Personal Agility – How to adapt to a changing environment

 Matrix Consulting SARL

Matrix Consulting SARL

What does personal agility mean to you?

Our work and personal environment are moving through change at different rates. In the work environment, our teams need to be like a flock of birds that adapt at a moments notice. Are we able to adapt to change? How do we use our skills? Do we under use them or potentially over use them which could block our personal agility.  

This workshop is based on the Agil’OA work of Jerome Berrand. It focuses on personal or behavioural agility and how we can better work together.

This highly interactive workshop has been designed to create understanding of our personal agility and help us understand how to adapt to changes in our environment. It will help us identify potential blockages, apply it to a team environment and help motivate oneself and teams through change.

Niveau : Tous niveaux 

Expert: Virginia Anderson (Matrix Consulting SARL)


- Understand yourself better and what is your personal agility

- Understand how you act link to different contexts

- Be able to identify how cooperative, innovative and how you anticipate in certain contexts

- Be able to apply your understanding of personal agility in a work environment


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