mercredi 16.01.2019

Studio Feixen – How to reach inner peace


Studio Feixen is an independent design studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland, that creates visual concepts. They focus specifically on nothing in particular. Whether it’s graphic design, interior design, fashion design, type design or animation – as long as it challenges them – they are interested. They work internationally with clients like Nike, Google, Hermès or The New York Times, as well as more locally with institutions like Wanderlust or the Nuits Sonores festival in France, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Südpol or the Luzerner Theater.

Felix Pfäffli
Originally started Feixen in 2009. Teacher at Fachklasse Grafik Luzern. Youngest member in the history of AGI. Gave lectures, organised exhibitions, workshops and won prizes worldwide. Responsible for the necessary chaos in the studio’s designs.

Raphael Leutenegger
Finished his training as a technical draftsman in an architectural office. Studied graphic design and started working independently straight after. Gained experience while living in Japan for half a year. Uses his skills and knowledge to build his own furniture in his spare time.