samedi 11.02.2017

See British art


Mudam is hosting two new exhibitions by major British contemporary artists.

Sculptor Tony Cragg and multimedia artist Darren Almond both have exhibitions at Mudam that opened last weekend.

Tony Cragg’s show does not aspire to be a retrospective, even though it brings together a selection of sculptures (photo) from the past twenty or so years. Instead it aims to present the diversity and energy characterising the work of the internationally renowned artist.

“Every new sculpture in his oeuvre evolves out of the previous one. Cragg has thus created a sculptural universe in which various ‘families of works’ branch out and develop in parallel, giving shape to countless, sometimes intersecting variations.”

A graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, Cragg has represented the UK at the Venice Biennale and is also a winner of the Turner Prize. The Cragg show is on until 3 September.

For his exhibition, Darren Almond uses photographs, sculptures, video installation, along with textual works and paintings to explore the individual in the world and in the universe.

They can relate to the cycles of the day and the seasons, the ties that connect us to the Earth or the exploration of the solar system.

The Almond exhibition is on until 14 May.