lundi 12.11.2018

Re-think your career


Whether you’ve been thinking of a career change or want to better structure your career goals, this career 2.0 series from Micse could help.

This first workshop features Authentick You coach Maria Katolikova who will take participants through some practical exercises to help them come up with tangible outcomes. No preparation is required, participants need only to bring an open mind and motivation.

Each participant will receive a book, the costs of which will be covered by the participation fee.

Maria Katolikova is a passionate certified career transition coach… She's also an Aquarius, a sushi addict, a cat lover, a bicycle rider and a firm believer in the spiritual world.
Maria has been successfully coaching clients throughout Luxembourg since 2014, helping women who feel stuck and uninspired with their career to get a clear vision of their ideal job, build the right mindset and follow their passions to become genuinely happy and free.

This workshop will be conducted in English.

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