Visite guidée

dimanche 17.06.2018

Pesticide-free gardening


Nearly 40 communes in Luxembourg used pesticide-free flowers in their planting during spring 2018, according to the non-profit organisation Ouni Pestiziden.

Nevertheless, there appears to still be plenty of room for improvement.

Bee Together and the EBL (Emweltberodung Lëtzebuerg) are joining forces on 17 June to inform the public through a guided tour on how to find local producers of pesticide-free plants. Pesticides--intended to protect plants--can actually do quite a lot of harm to the pollinators that visit them. And these pollinators--honey bees, butterflies and moths, to name only a few--are, of course, in turn important to help ensure much of human food supply.   

During the tour, participants will visit InnoPlantes with owner Sylvie Schmit to learn more about her garden and how to start a pesticide-free garden.

Participants are invited to bring their own lunch, preferably a dish big enough to share with others, and a picnic will be set up in the gardens.

The event is free of charge. Places are very limited, however, so it is advised to register on or before 14 June.