samedi 22.09.2018

Life skills for kids


Help your kids get a head start in life by signing them up for “Hero’s Journey”, series of weekend workshops offering insight into blockchain for children, personal finance and assertive communication, among other things.

“The way we teach … is going to be making our kids lose jobs in the next 30 years,” according to Jack Ma, co-founder and CEO Alibaba group.
According to him, there is no reason to focus on training the kids of today to calculate, because machines will always be more effective at calculation.
He says the human edge in the age of automation is innovation and creativity so that young

2030, WHEN i GROW UP hopes to teach some of these life skills to 4 to 11-year-olds through “Hero’s Journey”. This series of weekend workshops, which runs until 10 February, offers participants actionable insight into:

  • Blockchain For Children;
  • Socio-Emotional Learning;
  • Personal Finances For Children;
  • Assertive Communication;
  • Healthy Eating;
  • Innovation And Entrepreneurship;
  • Proper Breathing;
  • Yoga and Meditation;
  • Media Literacy and Film Making.

The workshops are run in cooperation with Luxembourg House of Financial Technology.

Among the mentors are experts from TESLA,, We Love Yoga In Luxembourg, Pickle Tango,, BwmMediasoft,, and many more.