mercredi 16.01.2019

Find inner peace through design


Design Friends kicks off its 10th season this year with a new event lineup. 

On 16 January, Studio Feixen, an independent design studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland, will speak on reaching inner peace through visual concepts.  

The studio is comprised of design power duo Felix Pfäffi, who started Feixen and, according to the studio website, “responsible for the necessary chaos of the studio’s design”, and Raphael Leutenegger, who started off in an architectural office before working independently and living in Japan for half a year. 

Their philosophy is simple: they’ll work on visual concepts without a particular focus, e.g. on fashion or type or animation, so long as they are being challenged. Their clients include The New York Times, Hermès and Google, to name a few. Their poster designs alone have been hailed as “a cry for a typographic rebellion, using expertly manipulated letterforms to prove that rules are there to be broken” (Monotype).

To see some of Studio Feixen’s designs, visit their website or Instagram.

The event is held in English and entrance is free, although registration in advance is appreciated:

Photo: Design Friends - Studio Feixen