samedi 03.02.2018

Carnival parties and cavalcades


The fifth season is upon us; find the dates and places below where you can be silly!

All over the country, carnival parties, for adults and specifically for kids, will take place over the next few weeks.

Dress up, put some make-up on and head over to your local party!

Parties and kid's parties

3 February:
- Mini Bieles am Jumm a Bieles am Jumm
- Foasbal in Niederwampach
- Kannerfuesbal (kids party) in Sanem
- Grousse Kannerfuesbal (kids party) at the Käerjenger Treff

4 February:
- Gaudi an der Hütt in Pissange from 16:00 onwards
- Kannerfuesparty (kids party) in Eischen
- Kannerfuesbal (kids party) am Centre de loisirs in Lamadeleine
- Kannerfuesbal (kids party) in Cessange
- Mickey-Mouse-Party (kids party) in Moutfort
- Kannerfuesbal (kids party) at the Centre "Maus Ketti" in Burmerange
- Kannerfuesbal (kids party) in Grevels
- Kannerfuesbal (kids party) in Grousbous

8 February:   
- Altweiberbal in Hesperange at the Centre Civique
- Altweiberbal in Diekirch
- Altweiberbal at the Wäikeller in Remich
- Atlweiberbal at the Centre Polyvalent in Hobscheid
- Altweiber Fuesparty an der Conterstuff
- Altweiber in Bertrange
- Altweiber Bal in Boxer
- Altweiber Präis Maske Bal 2018 in Vianden

6 - 8 February: Fantastischer Maskenball - Venezianesche Karneval
at the Musée d'Histoire(s) Diekirch

9 February:
- Hexebal in Schous (Mersch)
- Après Weiber Bal in Nacher
- Hippique's Bal 2018 in Diekirch
- Piccobello in Hesperange

9. - 11 February: RTL Megafuesend in Differdange
- Baile Dos Mascaradod (9 February)
- Clochard's-Bal (10 February)
- Mini Clochard's-Bal (11 February)

10 February:
- Folie sur Folie in Lintgen
- Fäeschebal in Bettendorf
- Musel am Dusel in Schwebsange

11. February:
- Kannerfuesbal in Lamadeleine
- Fuessonnden an der Seeërei in Diekirch
- Foasicht om Moart in Echternach
- Grouss Kannerfuesparty mam Lisa Mariotto in Tétange

12. February: Kannerfuesbal in Bissen

16. February: Pyjamasbal in Eischen

17. February:
- Kannerfuesbal in Ehlerange
- Kannerfuesbal at the Centre Culturel Pëtzenhaus in Reckange-sur-Mess
- Klatzebal at the Café Kälerstuff

18 February: Grouss Kannerfuesparty with Lisa Mariotto in Heinerscheid

23 February: Weller Wahnsinn 2018

25 February: Fräeschebal in Bettendorf

26 February: Kanner-Fuesparty with Fausti in Tétange at the Schungfabrik
3 March: De Gelli in Niederkorn

3-4 March: Escher Fuesend

18 March: Brezelsbal at the Kälerstuff


11 February:
39. Edition of the cavalcade in Diekirch
Start: 14:30 at the Route de Gilsdorf
Arrival: 18:00 at the Centre Culturel "Al Seeërei"

18 February
Schifflange Kavalkade 
Start: 15:00

25 February
Kids’ cavalcade in Kayl
Start: 14:30

4 March
Cavalcade in Esch
Start: 14:30 at Place Victor Hugo

10 March
Nuetscavalcade (night cavalcade) in Wasserbillig
Start: 18:11 Auer

11 March:
Péitenger Kavalkad

Réimecher Kavalkad (Remich)
Start: 14:30 in the Lëtzebuerger Strooss
Arrival: 16:00 at the Pavillon St. Remy


All over the country, carnival parties, for adults and specifically for kids, will take place over the next few weeks.