Workshop - Communication, Marketing & Sales

Tuesday 09.02.2021

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Understand and improve your online reputation

 Albane Flamant

Albane Flamant

Understanding your brand's online mentions is critical to controlling your communication, amplifying your successes and defusing crises.

Tracking brand mentions or critical issues online has become a daily routine for companies that win and create engaged communities. Going beyond that by reconciling all sources of data about your customers (reviews, media interaction, brand mentions on social networks) gives you an undeniable competitive advantage. How do you do it? How? Why? For what result? Talkwalker will answer with concrete cases

Level : Beginner-Medium

Expert :  Albane Flamant (Talkwalker)

Objectives :

-  Introduction to listening to and analyzing social networks and the web

- Challenges for companies and brands

- The 5 essential metrics that impact the business


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