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Wednesday 20.01.2021

Delano Live chat: Vaccine questions answered

 Maison Moderne

Maison Moderne

Researchers say that to beat the pandemic, countries need to vaccinate up to 70% of their populations. But, as a recent survey showed, vaccine hesitancy remains high in Luxembourg.  

Concerns about their safety and lack of trust towards governments risk slowing the global vaccination programme. Which vaccines are showing the most hope and when will we know we can go back to normal?  Markus Ollert, head of the Luxembourg Institute of Health’s department of infection and immunity, will endeavour to answer these questions and more at Delano’s first live chat of the year on 20 January.   Professor Ollert  was appointed the department’s inaugural director in 2014. He has long term expertise in the field of Allergy and Dermatology. He was appointed full professor and faculty member at Odense University Hospital of the University of Southern Denmark in January 2015. He has also worked and studied in Germany, and in the US.  

This online event takes place over lunch. Members of the public can post questions on the Live Storm website. The event will be recorded for people to watch back at a later date.  





This event is organised by the Paperjam Club. Delano readers can sign up for free by selecting “Voucher découverte non membre” on the registration form. 

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