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Tuesday 07.07.2020

Enterprise Service Management - Creating the Interaction Map

 Maison Moderne

Maison Moderne

The ability to provide excellent service is the most determining factor for success in business. 

Whether it is for your employees or for your clients, customers are expecting single-contact procedures, complete and integer answers, satisfying solutions and respect of time and quality frames. Enterprise Service Management is the systematic approach to identify and receive customer requests, have effective processes in place to satisfy these requests and monitor continually the quality and usage of your services.

Consider how happy you were with that single call to a supplier and you were served. Complexity of your internal organisation is not an excuse nor a relevant justification for your clients not to receive the service they desire or expect. It needs a vision on how you will create value for your customers to start an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) approach.

ESM can be considered internally or externally. Internally, you need to support your employees and partners so they can be productive and spend the least time possible on IT, HR and logistics matters. Externally, clients are correctly requiring deliver-as-promised services, one-top-shopping and immediate responses. Both are pretty complex to realize in the actual mindset of specialised functions, needing a customer-centric view on expectations, requirements and behaviour.

The need for ESM is also pushed by some societal trends. Teleworking, the network organisation and partnerships are organizational trends increasing the need for decentralised support, impossible to monitor with a simple ticketing system. On technology level, services are trending towards cloud and mobile applications, needing different types of user support and performance control. Last but not least, both employees and clients are trending to global service requirements and need delightment to retain.

During this webinar, we will briefly analyse the strategic vision and business case behind ESM and consider these against scoping topics to decide. Finally, we will provide you with feedback regarding tips and tricks to walk successfully on this journey.

Marnik Demets, Managing Director at  MSD Partners , will share its experience with you.


- Provide insight in ESM as concept, strategy and its business case

- Provide guidance on scoping topics and issues

- Provide feedback based on experience





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