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Wednesday 01.07.2020

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Arendt We Live #1 - ESG: towards a new golden age of data?

 Maison Moderne

Maison Moderne

Arendt and the Paperjam Club launch a new podcast series  : “Arendt We Live”.

The first episode will deal with the ESG criteria – Environmental, Social and Governance – that are hot topics right now. As measures of the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment, they are synonymous of responsible investment that goes beyond the financial return. The current health crisis has only reinforced their relevance.

But what are they legally? How do you put them in place? What data can you rely on to measure their effectiveness? These are the questions that Arendt’s experts will address during this first podcast of the series.


Isabelle Lebbe (Partner in the Investment Management practice, Arendt & Medernach), Philippe Wery (CEO, Arendt Business Advisory) and Stéphane Badey (Partner, Arendt Regulatory and Consulting)


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