Workshop - Personal development

Wednesday 15.07.2020

Train the Trainer

 Maison Moderne

Maison Moderne

The flagship format of the Paperjam Club training is being rolled out digitally. The Workshops are eligible for state aid for continuing vocational training in small groups covering both "soft" and "hard" skills through 8 cycles. The digital workshops last 1h30 and include direct interaction with the trainer.

Whether you are an occasional trainer or a novice in the field, this training course will provide you with the basics for accessing the various elements that form the mosaic that represents everything that this role encompasses, with participants painting a portrait of the various types of audiences and trainers involved.

Based on the mantra ‘Informing is one thing, training is another’, you will learn how to learn and to pass on the skills and knowledge that you have acquired.

“There is an old saying which says: You never really learn something until you teach it." How do we transmit knowledge to other with the minimum of effort and the maximum of efficiency? There are others that say that they only remember bad trainers and not the good ones.

The transmission of knowledge to others isn’t as simple as it looks. It requires setting objectives, organising the ideas to be learnt in classes, programmes and courses so that everyone understands them as quickly and as painlessly as possible, making sure that everyone is on the same page at the end of the day, being patient when the trainees become frustrated if they aren’t able to grasp the idea as quickly as the other.”

Niveau: Beginner

Expert: Marie-Hélène BOUGEARD (Eva Training)


- To outline the role of the trainer

- To recognise the various types of audience

- To become familiar with the main delivery and assessment techniques

- To communicate with regards to your training


This event is strictly reserved for Paperjam Club members and will be subject to verification. Think your company is a member? You can pick up your ticket and invite your colleagues to do the same.