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Wednesday 03/10/2021

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15th European Funds Trophy


Maison Moderne

The European Funds Trophy has been organized since 2007 by Fundclass, a quantitative fund rating agency. They enable to distinguish the risk-adjusted long run performance of funds and their promoters’ management quality.

In order to get a good rating by Fundclass, a mutual fund must have a consistent risk-adjusted performance under the studied period.

In order to assess management companies, FundClass creates eight categories according to their number of rated funds managed by those companies.

The trophies for the best management companies consider a four-year period. A second prize, the Fundclass Trophy, refers to the last seven years. Finally, there are two levels of awards : The national awards and the European awards.

Getting an award is very important for managers and their funds. Apart from the marketing aspect, it is the insurance of media coverage on a European scale.

The categories are:

- The Best European Funds

- The Best European Asset Management Companies

- The Best National Asset Management Companies in Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Multi-Country, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom 

- FUNDCLASS Trophy: The Best European Asset Management Companies on the long term (7 years).

This year, in addition to Maison Moderne’s publications Delano and Paperjam, the following media are associated: Le Monde Argent, La Stampa, Le Temps, El Pais and LCI.”

Follow the 15th European Funds Trophy ceremony in livestream thanks to Paperjam.  Find more information on