Workshop - Stratégie & operations

Tuesday 04/20/2021

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Intellectual property – a relic from the past or opportunity during uncertain economic times?


Burkhard Josuhn-Kadner

How intellectual property supports creating, developing and protecting a business in times of crisis and a more challenging business environment.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are diverse and suitable for quite different needs to support and maintain a business or product. There is no one size fits all. The selection of the right IP strategy and approach can result in powerful, compliant exclusivity to protect a business. The crisis challenges corporate budgets and forces the rethinking of traditional concepts to utilize IPR to secure R&D investments. New products, services, product lifecycles and markets also require a rethinking, let us discuss how to cope with them.

Level : Beginner and Medium

Expert :  Burkhard Josuhn-Kadner (Dennemeyer Consulting)

Objectives : 

- Basic understanding of what intellectual property (rights) mean and how IPR are typically applied

- How can IPR contribute to a business in a powerful and sustainable way? Is this measurable?

- Move of corporate IP from a cost center to a profit center strategy and approach

- Why IP intelligence is powerful and provides unique business insights; Intuition and lucky breaks can create good IP, yet a more predictable approach is suggested

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