Conférence - Stratégie & operations

Thursday 09/17/2020

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Empowering business strategy through a smart dataops governance


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For too long, data has been held captive in recording systems and isolated by rigid platform choices, separate business functions and data types. The result is fragmented views and difficulties in accessing data, making it impossible to obtain true analytical insight. The challenges become more acute as businesses evolve.

Many companies underestimate the pitfalls that poor data operations governance can create. In their quest for instant information, companies focus on data access and analysis rather than data governance and data quality.

Data science, machine learning, and deep learning are rendered useless because the quality of knowledge depends on access to supporting data.

CEOs who lead these organizations are not deterred by data; instead, they use it to make smarter business decisions, build stronger ecosystems and experiment with new business models. 

IBM, is uniquely positioned to provide customers with a proven, standards-based and reliable approach to adding value to their data and Wouter Denayer CTO for IBM Belgium will share his expertise with you during this Webinar.  

Wouter is a technology optimist. He is on a mission to strip away both hype and fear surrounding Artificial Intelligence, so that its true potential for society and business can be realised. With a degree in linguistics & literature to balance his inner geek, he architects IT solutions that actually deliver their promised value. As CTO for IBM Belgium, he feels privileged every day to work with a diverse and global team of wonderful colleagues.





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