Workshop - Strategy & Operations

Thursday 23.01.2020

Choose shared offices? Perspectives and testimonies

 Tetris DB

Tetris DB

Discover the dual perspective offered by the concepts of co-working and flex-desk and benefit from advice and feedback to make your own choices and make a successful organizational change.

An expert in workspace design invites you to actively share your questions and experiences! The concept of sharing is changing the working environment in two ways: on the one hand, service providers offering flexible rental of offices shared between several companies in "co-working" and, on the other hand, the solution of the shared workstation in "flex-desk" within a company. Consider the theory and practice, the advantages and disadvantages and benefit from feedback and concrete testimonies to evaluate these alternatives and make your own informed choices.

Level : Beginner 

Expert : Alain Meyer (TETRIS)


- Learn about shared space and workstation models

- Consider the issues, interests and limitations

- Share questions, experiences and testimonies

- Make informed choices and prepare for organizational change


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