Déjeuner - Droit

mardi 17.12.2019

An introduction to shareholders' agreements



What is a shareholders’ agreement? Why entering into such an agreement? How does such an agreement articulate itself with the articles of association and, as applicable, the other internal regulations of the company? What are the main provisions which may be (or may not be) inserted into a shareholders’ agreement? To which extent are these provisions enforceable? 

These are the main questions that shall be examined during the PwC Legal Breakfast to be held on 17 December 2019, which shall be the first opus of a new serie of PwC Breakfast dedicated to shareholders’ agreement under Luxembourg law.

Speaker: Jean-Philippe Smeets

Site Web:   https://www.pwclegal.lu/

Inscriptions:   crm@pwclegal.lu

Coût: Gratuit