Workshop - Finance & Comptabilité

Thursday 06/20/2019

Structuring Alternative Investments via Luxembourg fund and investment vehicles

 Sedlo & Atoz

Sedlo & Atoz

What fund and investment vehicles exist in Luxembourg and how to choose the right entity for a specific Alternative Investment? Further, what are the relevant tax aspects to be considered?

The workshop will provide an overview of the Luxembourg toolbox of vehicles that can be used for the structuring of Alternative Investments via Luxembourg. It will consider the main legal aspects to be taken into account when choosing an entity and will further focus on the key considerations regarding the structuring of Alternative Investments from a tax perspective (tax treatment in Luxembourg and in the investment jurisdictions, the implementation of EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) in Luxembourg and abroad, substance requirements, transfer pricing and related documentation). 

Experts: Adrian Sedlo (Sedlo Law Firm) & Oliver R. Hoor (Tax Partner, ATOZ Tax Advisers)

Level:  Intermediate


- Review of the main legal aspects of Luxembourg fund and investment vehicles

- Understand which aspects are relevant to all involved actors when choosing the right Luxembourg vehicle

- Provide an overview of relevant considerations from a tax perspective (structuring aspects, substance, transfer pricing)

- Understand the larger impact of the implementation of ATAD in Luxembourg and abroad


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Adrien Sedlo
Adrien Sedlo
Sedlo Law Firm
Oliver R. Hoor
Oliver R. Hoor
Partner, Head of Transfer Pricing and the German Desk
ATOZ Tax Advisers
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