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Thursday 16.05.2019

Delano Breakfast Talk: Agile Organisation in Banking – Demystifying the buzzword

Agile Organisation Maison Moderne

Agile Organisation Maison Moderne

Organisations can flexibly and internally adapt to rapidly changing customer needs and technological advancements as well as stimulate the innovative power of its own employees. This is the basic idea behind the concept of Agile Organisation. Unfortunately the word “agile” is becoming more and more fashionable and is often misused in all kinds of areas.

In this Breakfast Talk zeb consulting will outline the general concept of agile organization and showcase the key characteristics of truly agile organizations in the banking industry and beyond. In this sense zeb’s first-hand experience will provide deep insights into agile transformation approaches in the financial services sector.

In fact a high degree of individuality, demanding customer needs and increasing competition from new digital offerings require additional flexibility, especially at the customer interface. For this reason, self-organized, temporary customer and product teams represent a promising approach for a future-oriented sales organization. Promoting entrepreneurial thinking by moving away from internal product and target objectives strengthens individual customer orientation from within the organization and, on the other hand, provides new sales impulses.

Speaker: Arnd Heßeler, Executive Manager Luxembourg at zeb consulting 


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