Workshop - Personal development

Tuesday 14.05.2019

Own your "Why"



In our professional lives, it pays to have a strong personal brand. Our personal brand influences how we are perceived - how we do our jobs, what values we represent, and what value we can provide and as a result has an impact on the opportunities we receive.

What if you could take control of your brand image?An authentic personal brand will not only help others better understand the unique value you can provide, but will help guide your career decisions and how you act as a leader.

5 steps to building your personal brand

In this workshop we will start with your dream for your professional future and work through a 5-step process during which you will develop your personal brand statement and plan first steps towards making your authentic brand known to others.

1)   What would an inspiring and energizing professional life look like to you?

2)   What kind of work and interactions with others feel meaningful to you?

3)   How can you build a career that plays to your strengths and passions?

4)   What is your brand statement or “why”?

5)   How can you make others aware of your “why”?  

Is this workshop for me?

Drawing on insights from Positive Psychology, this workshop is for anyone who is curious to gain a better understanding of what gives them meaning and purpose in their careers, how to put into words what positive difference they will make to others, and how to ensure they are in control of their professional image.

Level: All levels

Expert: Sarah Battey (All About Talent)


 - to understand what gives you meaning and energy

- to create your vision for your professional future

- to understand how your vision helps others

- to formulate your brand statement or “why”

- design pathways to make others aware of your “why”


Sarah Battey
Sarah Battey
Founder & Coach