Workshop - Management & Leadership

mardi 14.05.2019

How to deal effectively with change in a multicultural environment


Tatjana von Bonkewitz

Change is the only constant in today’s world. People and organisations react differently to change, so how can we as leaders adapt our storyline to audiences from different cultures?

This workshop gives an insight into the 7 Cultural Mindsets and how each mindset reacts to and deals with change. Based on Professor Geert Hofstede’s 6D model of culture which has been validated by more than 60 independent studies over 50 years, the 7 Cultural Mindsets offer a powerful tool to successfully manage change in a multicultural environment.  When dealing with change in a multicultural environment you may want to ask yourself some of the following questions about your counterparts:

- Is the relationship more important for them than the task at hand?

- Does everyone need to have their say or are they comfortable with a top-down decision?

- Do they need a detailed process or are they comfortable with a high-level plan?

- Are they more task oriented or more objective oriented? In the workshop, we will develop answers to these and other questions you may have. You will get an insight into the 7 Cultural Mindsets and learn tools to adapt your change strategy in a cross-cultural environment.  At the end of the workshop, based on your own experience and requirements, you will:

- Gain an awareness of your own cultural mindset

- Understand the cultural needs of your counterparts in a change setting

- Have tools to manage the change process in the specific cultural setting

Expert: Tatjana von Bonkewitz (Hofstede Insights)

Level: Intermediate - Expert


- Learn how to recognize the key differences between the 7 Cultural Mindsets

- Learn how to build bridges across cultures in times of change

- Understand the different needs of the 7 Cultural Mindsets during change

- Learn how to lead, manage and implement change successfully in a multicultural environment


Tatjana von Bonkewitz
Tatjana von Bonkewitz
Advisor & strategic partner in organisational transformation
Hofstede Insights Luxembourg