“You need a team and a culture of trust”


Dirk Neugebauer: “Now, all ‘things’ are being connected, which is clearly the next transformative revolution of our time.” (Photo: Nicola Riva & Vincenza De Nigris)

Following the event, “Start-up Stories: Round 1” organized by the Luxembourg-City Incubator at HoST on Wednesday 20 March, Dirk Neugebauer (Esplendor Group), one of the mainstays of running a start-up, share with us his vision of entrepreneurship.

Where did you get the idea for your start-up?

Dirk Neugebauer. – “The internet has reached a new stage in its evolution: all ‘things’ are now being connected in the IoT landscape. The physical and the digital worlds are merging and becoming more cognitive.

The birth of the internet reshaped societies and entire industries by connecting all the computers in the world. Now, all ‘things’ are being connected, which is clearly the next transformative revolution of our time. And this shift will bring the next wave of extraordinary functionality and opportunity to every individual, business and government in Europe. Hence the window of opportunity is now.

We work with governments, industries and organisations to understand, translate and express future requirements for their organization and business strategies as service creator and service enabler. Our as-a-service solution ‘The Brain’ facilitates this new experience system but human centered.

What are the required qualities to launch your start-up?

“A deep understanding and methodologies to identify and translate human needs into system behaviour and requirements.

A deep understanding in future technologies as blockchain, AI and IoT to enable the experience system.

An international team of thinkers, designers and doers.

Do you have any advice for those who are still hesitating to get started?

“You need to believe in your idea, no matter what. You need the will to go every extra mile that is necessary to make it happen. You need a team and a culture of trust to achieve your goal.

Your solution should always deliver value for the greater good of people rather than business only.”