Adrian Wells (Managing Director)

“We are aware of Paperjam’s reputation”

Adrian Wells: “We are keen to learn about the many exciting activities going on among your membership.” (Photo: ENEX)

Adrian Wells: “We are keen to learn about the many exciting activities going on among your membership.” (Photo: ENEX)

The Paperjam Club welcomes ENEX as a new member. Introduction in three questions.

Could you please, in a few words, describe for us your company’s activity?

Adrian Wells. – “ENEX is an international news video agency. We are part of RTL Group. We were formed more than 25 years ago as a grouping of commercial television news stations.

The state broadcaster sector already had a similar organisation. Our cooperative deals with bulk buying of satellite space and exchange of video news items. Over time, the video news agency part has become more important, and our grouping has grown beyond its historical European borders. We are now a global organisation with a big presence in Latin America, ME, Asia and USA.

Despite that our core HQ in Luxembourg is very small and we operate in the challenged world of traditional commercial media which is threatened by the new digital entrants, we are adapting! We also now operate a video production and distribution service where we take commercial clients and professionally film and circulate corporate videos.

You have just joined the Paperjam Club. What convinced you to do so?

“Despite being a global organisation, we have an imperfect connection with our home country. RTL Luxembourg is, of course, a member. But other than that, we spend more times on planes to Dubai or Mexico than we do to Cloche d’Or or Clausen.

We should be better connected in our home town. Luxembourg can be an interesting story in itself: free public transport, green finance, digital economy… these are interesting stories that should be reported to an international audience. Likewise, we may be able to offer some of our services to the corporate and government sector here if they want to reach an audience beyond our borders.

One of our staff members, who himself is an international person who has moved to Luxembourg, had the opportunity to attend some of your events. He spoke very highly of the opportunities on offer and the networking possibilities that could be opened up. We are aware of Paperjam’s reputation of being a highly professional organisation attuned to the Luxembourg business community.

What in particular are you looking to get from the Club? And what does your organisation have to offer to other Club members?

“As above. Also, within our company, we have a very wide experience of professional broadcasting sector. My own background takes in the BBC, Sky News and many years working in the Middle East. Perhaps these areas of experience are interesting in some regard.

Likewise we are keen to learn about the many exciting activities going on among your membership. We often host our own events with invited speakers and sessions looking at our industry and politics – perhaps there is some crossover of shared experience as regards to speakers and topics.”