Tweets from the top: social media and the C-suite

Josée Lynda Denis, Partner Financial Services, Odgers Berndtson Luxembourg. (Photo: Odgers Berndtson Luxembourg)

Josée Lynda Denis, Partner Financial Services, Odgers Berndtson Luxembourg. (Photo: Odgers Berndtson Luxembourg)

Attracting C-suite talent to Luxembourg - Where do C-suite candidates have to go to assess a company’s ethos and leadership?

Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever for a prospective candidate to mine a company’s behaviour. CEOs and other senior executives portray themselves and their organisations daily on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Top executives actively use social media to reward high achievement and tout their own expertise. C-suite culture is no longer isolated and soundproofed, it’s retweeted and shared around the Internet.

Shareablee analysed 250 business leaders to understand what content their companies targeted at C-suite individuals. Either those that are entering their first executive role or an experienced board member with a global reputation looking to develop his or her career. The posts range from those that give exposure and recognition to exceptional individuals, to CEOs outlining their own advice for success in these vital positions.

Power of social

Reward and recognition play a strong role in building a brand people want to work for. Social media accounts provide a compelling opportunity for companies to celebrate successes in the workplace and give praise where it is due.

CMOs of leading global firms stress the importance of inter-company C-suite communication and relationships through their social media accounts. “Having alignment across the C-suite is critical, ”“We’re highly focused on talent, development and culture.” Being able to convey this message across Twitter gives C-suite candidates an insight into that company’s values to determine if they personally align with them.

By using social media to promote a corporate culture at the C-suite level, companies can provide information on the personality type and leadership qualities they’re looking for in a C-suite member.

Embodying the brand

CEOs have become a powerful voice in the social space in recent years, publicly declaring what their company stands for and why they are good at what they do. Ultimately, they are an embodiment of the brand. They work to build a better future. Engaging with their top executives globally is an essential part of the role.

Inevitably, each CEO or C-suite executive will engage in their own particular style on social media.

Sir Richard Branson continually stresses the importance of culture across the whole of the Virgin Group, spending time with employees on different initiatives that help Virgin feel like a place of value to work at.

Whether this is the culture of adventure or how to incorporate “play” into work, Branson gives a compelling view of not only how culture works, but also how it should be taught and actioned by senior leaders.

The key is for CEOs to embody their brand and use it to build a powerful team with similar values.

Attracting talent in Luxembourg – Social’s evolving role

At Odgers Berndtson Luxembourg’s Financial Services practice, we are immersed in the talent and potential challenge every day – it is a fascinating, demanding and ultimately rewarding task to know that you can find the right person for the right job at the right time.

Social will continue to evolve in the recruiting world as new platforms emerge to engage with candidates. In the near future, new forms of media such as Instagram long-form video and the evolution of LinkedIn could be deployed when giving advice.

As the market matures, these platforms may well become much more critical for those looking to progress.

Statcounter analysed social media in Luxembourg based on monthly usage from May 2018 to May 2019: Facebook‎: ‎66.18%, Pinterest: 21.23%, Twitter‎: ‎5.35%, YouTube: 2.45% , Instagram‎: ‎2.26%, LinkedIn: 0.87%.


To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is the question…

Josée Lynda Denis

Partner Financial Services

Odgers Berndtson Luxembourg