3 questions à Thomas Lange (CultureBooking)

“To build this kind of cultural exchange across Europe”

Thomas Lange, CEO of CultureBooking. (Photo: photostudio weimann)

Thomas Lange, CEO of CultureBooking. (Photo: photostudio weimann)

En amont de l’événement Start-up Stories: Round 3 organisé par le Paperjam + Delano Club le mardi 8 juin, le représentant de la société CultureBooking, Thomas Lange, partage sa vision d’entrepreneur.

Where did you get the idea for your startup?

Thomas Lange. – “I have been in the music and theatre industry for 30 years now as a producer, composer, and author. During this period, I got to the point where I wasted too much time on marketing, sales, administration, and invoicing that I should have invested in artistic work instead. Besides that, organisers face many difficulties in getting a clear overview of the cultural market.

From the idea to its realisation, there is only one step… and yet. What triggered your entrepreneurial adventure?

“As I’m very familiar with business development, I decided to give an end to this frustration of artists, and I got to the idea of bringing closer both organisers and artists and simplify their business relationship. The goal is to build this kind of cultural exchange across Europe and create more time for artists to pursue their own interests and arts.

We often hear that it is essential to make mistakes. What do you think about this?

“To be honest, I’m not sure whether it’s essential to always make mistakes. Though, I admit that mistakes are positive in a way they make you question what you’re doing and find new approaches. I learned to build up everything by understanding mistakes and finding ways to improve.”