PLACE FINANCIÈRE & MARCHÉS — Marchés financiers

4 mai 2021

Reportage – Club Talk: ESG: All you need to know about the new regulation

Following the March 10th deadline for SFDR submissions, the Funds industry was keen to hear from the regulator. Not just regarding the numbers of prospectuses that had been updated but what action the CSSF may take for those funds that had not met this deadline.

“Roughly we had to have an update to 2500 prospectuses’ on the 10th of March we had all in but 350 and of today we are missing 100.” Claude Marx reported. “It is a huge success and it also shows the industry is embracing this change.”

The Luxembourg Green exchange has featured highly in the news and is now considered a global leader in the issuance of Green bonds however Julie Becker , the new CEO of the Luxembourg Bourse confirmed that even greater growth had been seen in social and sustainable bonds. “A 1000% increase in social issuances in 2020 compared to 2019. The pandemic has clearly accelerated the focus on sustainability, there is a clearly a raise of awareness in the market.”

  Olivier Carré , PwC, provided the industry perspective clarifying that investors are searching for ways to protect themselves from the downside of not having ESG exposure. “We are entering a period of double materiality,” referring to investor’s desires for both growth and an adherence to ESG values.

We would also like to thank our sponsor,  Elvinger Hoss Prussen , for this event, and  Gast Juncker  for his speech.

(Vidéo: Pauline Hy, Lionel Massart, Marc Blasius/Maison Moderne)