Carte blanche (6/8)

What will the next 50 years bring?


(Photo: Matic Zorman / archives)

À l’occasion de la fin d’année, Paperjam a laissé une carte blanche à ses collaborateurs photographes réguliers. Ils partagent avec vous l’impression laissée par une photo réalisée pour Paperjam. Dans l’envers de l’objectif. Suite de la série avec Matic Zorman.

The photograph selected was taken at SAP Forum on 26th September in Kirchberg. It can serve as a glimpse at the scenery of what will probably become an usual sight in the near future. 

Pictured are three men seating, testing headset for virtual reality at a future orientated forum.

Amongst other possible utilisation, technology of virtual and augmented realities will enable us to instantly switch our visual reality and as technology develops, sensory as well. Augmented reality could be used for monitoring and visualising big data, surgeons could enhance their precision during operations and other options.

A question appears – as an adult living in the West spends his daily life about 60 sitting position similar to the gentlemen pictured, will the need for our physical skills diminish?

Will our physical abilities evolve according to the technology we will use?

In 500 years, when pioneer explorers mapped the globe, we face the point where one could be sitting at home on a couch exploring stellar nebulas. 

What will the next 50 years bring?

Matic Zorman